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AOL  mail or known as American Online is a web-based service which is a dial-up based services given to Americans which provides features like Instant messaging, Email support services and web browser which is purchased by Netscape.  

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How AOL email will help you?

It was established in New York and started in 1983 with a small venture named as Control Video Corporation or (CVC).  Its service was acquired by Verizon Communications for $4.4 billion.  AOL mail services had also deal with Microsoft and acquired several tech properties and other mobile ad-tech capabilities. 



If you encounter an ERROR or messages while using AOL mail, then all you have to do is check whether if you are able to access your AOL email. If you can’t go on with following steps to fix this issue: 

Clear all cache and cookies for a web browser: Use an alternate option of web browser and then try to access from there. 

Disable all pop-up blocking software. Logout from AOL mail and again log-in after refresh. 


When doesn't AOL email address get your email address properly? 

This is sometimes considered to be as a spam mail ID by which some spammers get banned on using AOL mail. Mostly AOL mail support blocks server and addresses will not be able to receive any messages from anyone. To unblock your mail ID, you have to run to an administrator option and send an email or request an AOL Support


Receiving an email from mailer-daemon 

This is an automated ERROR or report from the email support which implies that there is an ERROR in delivering your mail, your email will not be sent and saved as the draft with a message of delivery report problem. These cases arise when you entered an incorrect email address. AOL mail supports following the standard such as: 

  • AOL email address should not be longer than 16 characters. 
  • Avoid using numbers at starting. 
  • avoid using punctuation and special characters. 


When Blerk! ERROR OR 1 message appears on AOL mail screen? 

If you are the encounter with Blerk! ERROR 1 or ERROR1100, ERROR1102, ERROR1103, ERROR1106, ERROR1107, ERROR1108, ERROR1109, ERROR1110, ERROR1112, ERROR1113, ERROR1114, ERROR1115, ERROR1122, ERROR1123, ERROR1124, ERROR 1125, then there was an authentication problem. In this, all you have to do is check your browser settings and clear all browser history, cache, cookies, and footprint. 

 When GAH! Error 1111 appears? 

This problem occurs when unexceptional server handling request error appears. All you have to do is check your browser settings and clear all browser history, cache, cookies, and footprint. 

Above are the common issues which can be faced by new users, AOL support services also provide an AOL Customer Support Number to look into your issues and try to resolve as soon as possible.