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In Yahoo services, official or business work and involves the mail being download from the server and install it as an application. The Yahoo feature of mailing can be easily be accessed from a windows mobile. Security factors: It took effective steps to fix Yahoo reputation in Yahoo 2003. Among the most publicized security features are that Yahoo 2003 does not automatically load images in HTML emails or permit opening executable attachments by default, and includes a built-in Junk Mail filter. Yahoo mail issues:
Problem 1: Check the spelling of account settings:

Solution:Check twice the spelling of your account setting. Check domain name, account ID etc.

Problem: Password is case sensitive:

Solution: Yahoo Customer support case sensitive. Check whether CAPS LOCK is on\off.

Problem: Problem in an email recipient stuck in your Outbox?

Solution: Click on Outbox and check if any of the email messages stuck in there. If there is click and move the messages to Draft folder or right click and delete the mails that are left in your Outbox.

Problem: If you are receiving a message but not able to send:

Solution: Double check your Outgoing Mail setting. Check your internet service provider and Sometimes it is due to slow internet connection of service provider

Problem: If you see a green tick on service page then you're still having problems with your mail. try few things tips and tricks to solve and fix these issues:

Solution: Restart your computer restart your web browser Clear history and browser cache antivirus protection should be in disable mode

Clear the DNS cache switch off your router for 10 sec.

problem: It’s sometimes irritated that automatically get a crash. yahoo is here to help us but after a crash

Yahoo is here to help us but after crash, Yahoo will be like converting from heaven to hell. It is due to some bug are found and within a second if you are composing a long text and important mail, then Surely you want to do something like this breaking your head into wall.

Solution: To check if yahoos causing a problem, start in a safe mode and it performs better. If it's not then something is going wrong with it. Visit Yahoo setting and disable all add-ins. 
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